For patients seeking to replace severely damaged or missing teeth, dental implants can offer an ideal solution. Dental implants are designed to mimic the form and function of a natural tooth, as well as provide unparalleled stability, simple maintenance, and exceptional esthetics. While dental implants may present a higher upfront cost than more traditional methods of tooth replacement, such as dentures or bridges, this innovative reconstructive technique can be a worthwhile investment that lasts for decades. In many cases, dental implants are a more cost-effective method of tooth replacement over time due to the durability of these restorations.

How Is the Price of Dental Implants Calculated?

Every dental implant procedure is customized to fit the unique needs of the patient. In addition to the number of implants needed, variables that are factored into the total price of the procedure can include:

After an oral exam and a discussion of your goals with one of our prosthodontists, you will be quoted a price based upon your customized treatment plan.

Why Choose a Prosthodontist for My Dental Implant Procedure?

At Schweitzer & Schweitzer, PC, all of our dentists are prosthodontists. Prosthodontics is a specialization recognized by the American Dental Association that focuses on reconstructive dental procedures. Prosthodontists complete three years of additional education, which provides them with focused training in the replacement of missing teeth based on an integrated understanding of the complex facial and jaw structures. Consequently, prosthodontists are uniquely qualified to perform oral restoration procedures such as dental implants. In addition, our prosthodontists have extensive experience in dental esthetics that allows them to create beautiful smiles for each patient.

Can I Afford Dental Implants?

Our prosthodontists want to give all patients the opportunity to receive the smile of their dreams. We accept several different payment methods, offer payment plans through our practice, and work in partnership with third-party lender CareCredit® to deliver affordable dental financing options. An online application for CareCredit® must be completed and approved to qualify for the various loans and flexible payment plans they offer as part of their services.

Cash, check, and major credit cards are all accepted methods of payment. For patients who could benefit from monthly payments or an installment plan, our business manager can work with you to structure a payment schedule. In some cases, phased treatment may be possible. Your prosthodontist can tell you if you are a candidate for phased treatment during your initial consultation.

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