When dental problems begin to accumulate, the overall function, health, and aesthetics of the smile can become severely impacted. Often, patients with multiple dental concerns can begin to feel a lack of confidence in their smile and the effects of declining dental health. With a custom-tailored full mouth reconstruction treatment plan, our prosthodontists can address all of your dental issues, and completely rebuild and rejuvenate your smile. Using the latest cosmetic and restorative dentistry techniques, our team at Schweitzer & Schweitzer, PC is uniquely qualified to restore damaged tooth structures, rehabilitate oral health, and achieve results that look exceptionally natural.

To learn more about the full mouth restoration process and treatment options we offer at Schweitzer & Schweitzer, PC, we invite you to explore the informative sections below or contact our office today to schedule a consultation.

Who is a Candidate for Full Mouth Rehabilitation?

Our prosthodontists typically recommend full mouth restoration for patients who have several oral health problems in addition to cosmetic imperfections. A comprehensive full mouth rehabilitation treatment plan can address common concerns such as:

During your initial consultation, your prosthodontist will perform a thorough oral exam, discuss your personal goals, and design a custom treatment plan that can restore the form, function, and beautiful appearance of your teeth.

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What are the Common Components of Full Mouth Rehabilitation?

Full mouth rehabilitation typically consists of a combination of several reconstructive, restorative, and/or cosmetic dentistry procedures that may include:

What Are the Steps Involved in a Full Mouth Reconstruction?

While the exact steps of each full mouth reconstruction plan vary by patient, treatment can usually be broken down into this simplified outline:

Consultation & Assessment

The full mouth restoration process begins with a thorough assessment of your needs and goals. During this initial stage, your prosthodontist will complete a comprehensive examination and any necessary diagnostic imaging to detect all oral health concerns. Our facility is equipped with conventional digital imaging technology, but in some cases we may coordinate with a CBCT (cone beam computed tomography) center for optimal diagnostic analysis. The consultation will also concentrate on reviewing your medical and dental records, discussing your desired outcome, and identifying treatment objectives. Once all relevant information has been collected, the treatment planning process can begin.

Improving Oral & Dental Health

The first treatment objective is always to address disease, decay, and damage that may be affecting the health of your gums, teeth, bone tissue, and body. Establishing good overall periodontal and dental health is the foundation for successful reconstructive, restorative, and/or cosmetic procedures performed later in your treatment plan.

Reconstruction & Restoration

When disease is no longer present in your bone tissue, gums, and/or teeth, the reconstructive and restorative dental work included in your treatment plan can begin. Depending upon the specific procedures you are undergoing, this phase of treatment can require just a few visits or a series of appointments. At Schweitzer & Schweitzer, PC, our focus is always on performing the highest quality work possible, from bone grafting and implant surgery to the precise design and fabrication of restorations. For the majority of patients, all procedures can be performed in-house by our highly trained and experienced prosthodontists. Furthermore, our in-house dental lab and professional ceramists help make this phase of treatment incredibly convenient and efficient. Our lab offers a wide range of options and materials—from traditional to state-of-the-art—which helps us custom-tailor your restorations to suit your dental needs, budget, and aesthetic goals.

Completing Your New Smile

When your final restorations are ready, your prosthodontist will check the fit and appearance before completing the final steps of your treatment. If there are last minute adjustments that need to be made, your prosthodontist can walk over to the lab and consult with one of the ceramists to discuss any changes. It is not uncommon for these revisions to be made quickly while you are still in the chair. Whether you are having your final restorations cemented in place, fixed to your healed dental implants, or snapped into position—your health, comfort, satisfaction, and appearance are our top priorities.

How Much Does Full Mouth Reconstruction Cost?

The overall price for full mouth reconstruction depends on the specific details of each individual’s custom treatment plan and the expense of all restorations. These factors can cause the cost of full mouth rehabilitation to vary widely from patient to patient, making it important to schedule a personal consultation with one of our prosthodontists to receive an accurate price estimate.

Led by esteemed prosthodontists who have each completed three years of advanced education (beyond dental school) and fellowship training—in addition to passing the rigorous board certification process with the American Board of Prosthodontics—Schweitzer & Schweitzer, PC is considered a specialty practice. Generally speaking, the type of specialty work we do may cost more than the average general or cosmetic dentist; however, we believe the prices we offer are fair, and the quality of our work speaks for itself. We welcome complex cases and take pride in our facility, which houses everything we need to deliver premium care from start to finish. When you are choosing a dentist or prosthodontist to perform a full mouth restoration, we urge you not to decide based on who offers the lowest price. Rather, we encourage you to choose based on qualifications, experience, results, reputation, and, most importantly, trust.

If you have dental insurance, your plan may cover a portion of your full mouth restoration treatment. The members of our friendly office team are happy to help check your benefits, calculate your out-of-pocket costs, and discuss various payment options. Many of our patients opt to set up a payment plan agreement directly with our practice, while others explore dental financing options through CareCredit®, a third-party lender we have partnered with. Our hope is that we can help make the quality dental care you need more accessible, convenient, and affordable.

Why Choose Us for Full Mouth Rehabilitation?

Our prosthodontists have completed advanced training in dental rehabilitation techniques and specialize in complex restorative procedures. They have undergone three additional years of training to achieve an in-depth understanding of the oral structures and how they can be properly be reconstructed. Their expansive knowledge and first-hand experience allows them to successfully address compounded dental issues with superior results.

At Schweitzer & Schweitzer, PC, we are also able to perform all dental implant procedures in-house without referring our patients out to a third-party dentist. We also have an in-house lab that allows our prosthodontists to communicate directly with lab technicians about the design and fabrication of all restorations. Our in-house process creates continuity of care that can lead to more effective, efficient, and satisfactory treatment outcomes.

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