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When dental problems begin to accumulate, the overall function, health, and aesthetics of the smile can become severely impacted. Often, patients with multiple dental concerns can begin to feel a lack of confidence in their smile and the effects of declining dental health. With a custom-tailored full mouth rehabilitation treatment plan, our prosthodontists can address all of your dental issues, and completely rebuild and rejuvenate your smile. Using the latest cosmetic and restorative dentistry techniques, our team at Schweitzer & Schweitzer, PC is uniquely qualified to restore damaged tooth structures, rehabilitate oral health, and achieve results that look exceptionally natural.

Candidates for Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Our prosthodontists typically recommend full mouth rehabilitation for patients who have several oral health problems in addition to cosmetic imperfections. A comprehensive full mouth rehabilitation treatment plan can address common concerns such as:

During your initial consultation, your prosthodontist will perform a thorough oral exam, discuss your personal goals, and design a custom treatment plan that can restore the form, function, and beautiful appearance of your teeth.

bna-sample Before
bna-sample After

Common Components of a Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Full mouth rehabilitation typically consists of a combination of several reconstructive, restorative, and/or cosmetic dentistry procedures that may include:

Why Choose Us for Full Mouth Rehabilitation?

Our prosthodontists have completed advanced training in dental rehabilitation techniques and specialize in complex restorative procedures. They have undergone three additional years of training to achieve an in-depth understanding of the oral structures and how they can be properly be reconstructed. Their expansive knowledge and first-hand experience allows them to successfully address compounded dental issues with superior results.

At Schweitzer & Schweitzer, PC, we are also able to perform all dental implant procedures in-house without referring our patients out to a third-party dentist. We also have an in-house lab that allows our prosthodontists to communicate directly with lab technicians about the design and fabrication of all restorations. Our in-house process creates continuity of care that can lead to more effective, efficient, and satisfactory treatment outcomes.

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