New York City Prosthodontists of Schweitzer & Schweitzer, PC Explain Dental Implant Options for Full Mouth Restoration

The team of prosthodontists at Schweitzer & Schweitzer, PC utilize advanced dental implant solutions to rebuild smiles affected by tooth loss and other severe dental health concerns.

Manhattan, NY – Advancements in dental implants and dental implant prosthetics have revolutionized the quality, functionality, longevity, and esthetics of full mouth reconstruction results. Utilizing the latest implant technology, techniques, and custom prosthetics, along with a broad spectrum of dental treatments, the NYC prosthodontists at Schweitzer & Schweitzer, PC are able to rebuild smiles affected by tooth loss and an accumulation of other dental health concerns. Their comprehensive approach to full mouth rehabilitation is built upon decades of combined experience and extensive training in the specialized field of prosthodontics and implant dentistry.

Whether patients are missing a single tooth, a series of teeth, or a full arch of their smile, customized implant dentistry incorporated into a full mouth rehabilitation treatment plan at Schweitzer & Schweitzer, PC can deliver impressive outcomes. Board-certified prosthodontist Daniel Schweitzer, DDS, FACP explains that for patients who want the most attractive, secure, and functional tooth replacements, dental implants are often the top treatment of choice. Since implants fuse with the jawbone the prosthetics are locked firmly in place, closely replicating natural teeth.

Dental implant options offered by Drs. Daniel Schweitzer, Kenneth Schweitzer, and Sameet Sheth include:

While the surgical placement of titanium posts is the foundation of the dental implant tooth replacement process, design and fabrication of the custom prosthetics is equally critical for success. This is why the prosthodontists of Schweitzer & Schweitzer, PC rely on their state-of-the-art onsite dental lab and experienced master ceramists to create world-class dental implant prosthetics. Their prosthetics are crafted from the highest-quality materials to precisely match the specifications dictated for each patient for optimal fit, function, and esthetics.

For those considering full mouth rehabilitation with dental implants, Dr. Schweitzer encourages patients to choose their dentist wisely by carefully examining their credentials, training, experience, and reputation. He adds that each phase of this complex treatment process should be meticulously planned and executed with an emphasis on patient safety, health, and satisfaction. Having been in business for over 100 years in NYC, Schweitzer & Schweitzer, PC has perfected the art of providing top-quality cosmetic, restorative, and general dental services. From start to finish, the prosthodontists of Schweitzer & Schweitzer, PC strive to provide full mouth restoration patients with the highest-level of care in all aspects of treatment.

About Schweitzer & Schweitzer, PC
Schweitzer & Schweitzer, PC offers a diverse range of advanced dental services in Midtown Manhattan, NYC. Prosthodontists Daniel Schweitzer, DDS, Kenneth Schweitzer, DDS, and Sameet Sheth, DDS are dedicated to providing comprehensive, detail-oriented care with a sharp focus on creating optimal dental function, health, form, and esthetics. The onsite dental lab and experienced ceramists create world-class custom restorations, including dental implant prosthetics, crowns, bridges, and porcelain veneers. Patients with complex dental concerns can benefit from the specialized expertise, technology, and experience available at Schweitzer & Schweitzer, PC. The team is well-equipped to rebuild smiles that have been affected by disease, decay, trauma, tooth loss, and other factors. The prosthodontists of Schweitzer & Schweitzer, PC are available for interview upon request.

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