Immediate placement and immediate loading of dental implants is a realistic treatment option for people facing imminent tooth loss.  This relatively new dental therapeutic option makes the entire tooth replacement process much easier than in the past.

Under the care of a cohesive surgical, restorative and laboratory dental team most tooth replacements can be performed in one visit.  A broken non-restorable or infected tooth can be extracted, the site grafted and filled with a dental implant and a provisional tooth placed atop the implant the same day.  This procedure eliminates multiple surgical visits and the need for a temporary removable denture while the implant is “fusing” to the bone.   The advent of this technique has revolutionized the management of unhealthy teeth once being held onto because the replacement options were so tedious, lengthy and uncomfortable.

The technique works well if an unhealthy tooth is removed prior to abscessing.  Once the tooth abscesses the surrounding bone quickly deteriorates and immediate placement of the dental implant becomes more difficult.  Aside from the systemic risks associated with keeping abscessed teeth an immediate implant must be housed in sound bone to achieve stability.  Therefore, questionable teeth that will someday need to be removed and replaced with a dental implant should be planned in advance with the surgical, restorative and laboratory dental implant team.

A patient’s understanding and peripheral knowledge of treatment options is paramount to the success and predictable outcome of any medical procedure.  Be informed and ask questions.  Talk to one of our team specialists at [email protected] if you have any questions.

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