Tooth-LossThe consequences of tooth loss can go beyond affecting the appearance of your smile and creating difficulties with normal speech and chewing. When a tooth falls out or has to be removed, replacing it as quickly as possible with implant dentistry, a dental bridge, or another restorative option can alleviate and prevent a variety of complications. As you might imagine, the repercussions of losing several teeth or a full arch of teeth are generally more severe; however, the experienced prosthodontists of Schweitzer & Schweitzer, P.C. are capable of restoring the full function, structure, and aesthetics of your smile no matter how damaged your smile has become.

Missing teeth that remain untreated can lead to the following functional and oral health challenges:

Are you concerned about missing teeth or severely damaged teeth that need to be replaced? Our prosthodontists are extensively trained and experienced in all methods of tooth replacement, from traditional approaches to state-of-the-art techniques, including dental implants, bridges, implant dentures, and more. You can trust them to reconstruct your smile for optimal dental health, function, comfort, and aesthetics!

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