Diagram of implants for prosthesisThe number of dental implants that are necessary to support a full-arch denture prosthesis depends upon the unique dental needs, jawbone density, and budget of the patient. At Schweitzer & Schweitzer, PC our prosthodontists are highly trained and experienced in all aspects of implant dentistry, and the development of every implant denture treatment plan begins with a comprehensive evaluation of your oral health and dental structures. Once all of the diagnostic information is gathered and our prosthodontists have a clear understanding of your aesthetic and financial goals, the appropriate treatment plan options can be discussed.

While more dental implant anchors typically mean added stability for the prosthesis and more simulation of the jawbone tissue (to retain bone density long-term), not everyone is a good candidate or has the financial resources for placement of six or eight implants per arch. For individuals with diminished jawbone density and/or a smaller budget, implant denture solutions that require two to four dental implants may be ideal. Our prosthodontist can educate you about all your options and will work together with you to provide a custom treatment plan that beautifully restores the health, structure, and function of your smile. The wide array of dental implant systems we utilize and our onsite dental lab make it possible for us to deliver high-quality implant denture solutions for even the most complex full-arch replacement cases.

To learn more about custom implant denture solutions that can rebuild your smile, contact our office to schedule your consultation at Schweitzer & Schweitzer, P.C..

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